Melrose Victorian Fair, 2005

MACA had a booth at the Melrose Victorian Fair on Sunday September 18, 2005, and it proved a great opportunity to let everyone know about our organization and the upcoming Arts Festival.

The booth was staffed by Debra Corbett, Ellen Rolli, Gary Borkan, Arlene Frasca, Carol Shena, Sally Gordon, Luke Volpe.  A spectacular banner sign was produced by Tom Sutherland.  Paintings donated by MACA members Tom Sutherland, Debra Corbett and Ellen Rolli were raffled and a large number of tickets were sold.  Flyers, business cards and hand-painted refrigerator magnets were handed out by the hundreds!  There was much enthusiasm for our mission and the revival of the Arts Festival in 2006.  Here are few photos of this very successful day for MACA: